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Why choose Kayan?

Kayan Engineering Industries is a leading company in the field of UPVC windows and doors, security Shutter, and handrails. The company is distinguished by offering the best UPVC profiles available in the Egyptian market. which reflects its commitment to quality and innovation in its products. Kayan Company strives to Achieve the needs of its customers and provide innovative, highquality solutions in the field of window and door industry

Kayan Engineering Industries

In addition to its high-quality products, Kayan Engineering Industries offers technical consulting services to customers. These services provide guidance and professional advice to help customers choose the best solution for their Special needs. The company also provides the best after-sales service to Get customer satisfaction and Achieve their expectations. Kayan Engineering Industries is a Trusted Choice for high-quality engineering solutions in the field of UPVC windows and doors, security Shutter, and handrails. The company focuses on customer satisfaction by providing Smart products and perfect services, making it an ideal choice for customers looking for quality and Trust in the architectural industry.

Our vision and the opportunities we offer

Our vision is to ensure excellence, accuracy and modernization according to local and international standards. We will produce high quality aluminum ingots with our organizational expansion so that we can always meet the expectations of all the people involved in our business and especially our clients.• Extending the sales life cycle of existing products (to our suppliers) by finding new markets to sell them in. • Reducing dependence on local markets only and expanding its scope regionally and internationally. • Providing various aluminum sectors that may open new production lines. • Entering the global market and learning how to compete with international companies. • Obtaining an e-commerce website that can increase sales worldwide and thus reflect positively on Kayan's revenues. • Participation in international exhibitions.

Frequently asked questions about UPVC

What is UPVC?

It is an abbreviation for the chemical compound Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC), which was discovered after about thirty years of research, development, and intensive effort. It is made by extracting chlorine gas from table salt and ethylene from oil. Then, the chlorine and ethylene are combined through polymerization to obtain a white powder, which is PVC.Previously, plasticizers were added to this compound to make it more flexible, making it easier to manufacture and use in insulating electrical cables, pipes, and fittings. The "unplasticized" part of the name indicates that these plasticizers are not added, making the compound more rigid. Instead, titanium dioxide, methacrylate, titanium dioxide, and some metal stabilizers are added to improve its physical properties and resistance to weathering.uPVC does not cause any harm to humans or the environment during its manufacturing process and is 100% recyclable. Today, uPVC is the most widely used material in the world for manufacturing doors, windows, and other interior and exterior cladding materials. Scientists and researchers have confirmed that, in the near future, no other material with better specifications in terms of expected lifespan and integrated performance will appear.Its properties and economy make it widely used in markets in Europe, North America, and Asia, and it is rapidly spreading in emerging markets such as China, Russia, and the Middle East.

Are uPVC windows safe?

UPVC is a product made of rare natural materials that make it 100% safe and environmentally friendly, and it is widely used in medicine in the manufacture of catheters and blood bags. It is also used in many fields in various aspects of life and in our direct daily dealings with the things around us, such as the windows and doors that we offer to our customers, and it is one of the best sectors, not only in Egypt or the Arab world, but also at the level of the global market.