Different drive mechanisms for aluminum roller shutters

Different drive mechanisms for aluminum roller shutters

In the world of aluminum roller shutters, the mechanisms used to drive them are of the utmost importance. We at Kayan Engineering Industries are committed to providing the latest technologies and technological solutions to ensure a high-quality and efficient performance for aluminum roller shutters.

Kayan offers a variety of drive mechanisms, including electrical mechanisms that are characterized by their strength and precision in controlling the movement of aluminum roller shutters, in addition to hydraulic mechanisms that have high load bearing capacity and precise control of movement, in addition to traditional manual mechanisms. Learn about all the drive mechanisms available from us through the following.

Different drive mechanisms for aluminum roller shutters from Kayan

The different drive mechanisms for aluminum roller shutters from Kayan include the following types:

  • French motor (Somfy)

The French-made Somfy motor is one of the most common types of aluminum roller shutter drive, which is characterized by high reliability and strong performance.

This type of motor is installed on the upper side of the roller shutter and works by connecting it to an electrical network and providing it with the power needed to move the shutter.

  • Italian motor

Italian motors are one of the most commonly used motors in driving aluminum roller shutters, which are characterized by their high performance and precision of movement. These types also include multi-speed motors to meet different needs in terms of speed and strength in movement, including:

  • Motor with a crank

This type of motor uses a crank design to drive aluminum roller shutters, where it converts rotary motion into linear motion for the shutter, providing stability and smoothness in movement. This type of motor is ideal for large-sized shutters and systems that require a balanced and smooth movement.

  • Manual strap

This type of drive mechanism represents an alternative to the possibility of manually moving aluminum roller shutters. Here, a strap is installed on the side of the shutter so that the person can pull or push it to open or close the shutter.

This type of drive mechanism is suitable in places where electricity is not available or in the event of an emergency such as a power outage or other.

  • Crank

The crank is a drive mechanism that depends on human power. The shutter’s crank is hooked by ropes or chains and rotated by manual work to open or close the shutter. This mechanism is traditional and is often used to move small-sized shutters.

With Kayan Engineering Industries, be confident that you will get high-quality drive mechanisms for aluminum roller shutters, characterized by efficiency and durability. We will provide you with the necessary technical support and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your experience with aluminum roller shutters.